A Practical Guide to Creating foursquare Events


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I’ve been personally intrigued by the development of foursquare over recent months and it’s increasing potential for usage at events. Back in January, Intel partnered with foursquare during the CES event and offered unique badges for check-ins and special events. This took an effort from both parties to achieve. While it opened the possibilities for the future of foursquare and event marriages, it without little doubt requires the compliance from (and and open wallet) the developers at foursquare to make a campaign of similar correlation possible.

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Social Media in the New Event World [infographic]

Earlier this year, Echelon Design sponsored a report that was tabulated by Exhibitor Media Group which outlined the current trends of social media in trade show and event marketing. In June, we released a white paper that highlighted a number of industry expert opinions on these ideas. Today, we’re releasing our first infographic, which is an interesting blend of these findings.

This guide is designed for anyone who is new to social media or looking to apply social media to their trade show or event marketing strategy. It provides an quick and interesting look at some of the most widely used tools and their application and effectiveness in today’s event world. Please enjoy and share your comments with us!


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Social Media and Tradeshow Marketing (Results)

Tradeshow marketing

Echelon Design, in conjunction with Exhibitor Media Group, had sponsored a survey in October of 2009 to learn how companies are using social media tools for marketing purposes, including event and tradeshow marketing campaigns. On January 15, 2010, the survey results were tabulated and released. Selected data points from this study will be published in the January 2010 issue of Exhibitor magazine and the Spring 2010 issue of Corporate EVENT magazine.

383 completed surveys were tabulated by corporate exhibit and event professionals responsible for their organization’s tradeshow and event marketing programs. Below are some highlights from the results. You can access the full report here.

The Facts

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