Tradeshow Insight – Now iPad Formatted

As we continue to observe the increasing trend in mobile applications to the world of business and the trade show world, we’re happy to announce today that Tradeshow Insight has released an advanced web-app version, formatted for the iPhone, iPad and other mobile platforms. Powered by WPTouch Pro, this “hybrid” between an app and mobile website optimizes our blog and articles in a format that is fitting for the mobile environment and its ever changing landscape.

Some features included in this update:

  • Web-App Enabled – Bookmark and use from your home screen. Enjoy a “browser-less” experience, with the latest HTML5 & Javascript technologies.
  • Native iPad Use – Touch, scroll and swipe as you would a normal app. You already know how to use it!
  • Support for future Tablets – As the “tablet war” grows, Tradeshow Insight will continue to adapt to the newest and brightest of the pack.
  • Commenting – Fly in comments make reading and creating discussions a breeze – and fun!
  • Real Time – Built on AJAX technology, comments are show immediately after posting.
  • App Menu Popups – Browse pages, recent & popular articles along with tags and categories.
  • Flickr Integration – Peek at recent photos from the trade show world from within a menu popup – Without leaving your article.
  • Smartphone Support – Download the web-app for your iPhone and get the same features – on the go!
  • Wide Platform Support – Tradeshow Insight Mobile now supports Android, Blackberry, Palm OS and Samsung touch mobile visitors.

To use a mobile formatted version of this site, simple visit and follow the on screen instructions to enable the web-app! Then, come back and tell us what you think!!

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